Sydney Friedman

Fighting Facts

Fighting facts

I designed a campaign, with assets, for a social issue on my campus.  I chose to focus on the University of Illinois's Native American mascot controversy and to portray the issue in a respectful way.  This meant using more traditional Native American colors than the university's orange and blue.  I also excluded any caricature of Chief Illiniwek.  I wanted to inform people of the racist portrayals of Native American tribes in sports in an interesting and visual way. 

I first chose to create a large infographic poster.  I wanted to include the history of the mascot, as well as statistics.  I also explained why the mascot is offensive with the use of appropriation.  My final bit of information is actions that can be done to make this right and find a solution.

I wanted to provide information, an explanation, and a solution.

From there, I made a motion graphic version of the infographic, keeping with the visual branding and feel.