Sydney Friedman



While spending a semester abroad at The University of the Arts, London, I was given a live brief. Originally assigned to a London design firm, I was able to tackle their assignment: a brand identity / marketing plan for a new app.  The app, which was nameless, allows users to have their groceries delivered to them at home.  It required a look, deliverables, and a mock-up.

My job was to understand the product, find its target audience, and design it accordingly.


My target audience is money-rich, but time-poor; people who can afford to shop well, but don't have the time to do so.

When branding, I chose a modern aesthetic with a limited color palette to appeal to a youthful demographic. The name references food, with "chow" and speed/efficiency with "nu."  I feels like a new, forward-thinking way of grocery shopping.

Process wise, I started with a mood board about a healthy, technological lifestyle.  From there, I found common shapes and colors used to portray modern life on the go.